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The Cambridge Hospital – Course Enrollment Instructions

Employees of The Cambridge Hospital should use the following instructions to enroll in a course offered by Center for MEDICS. You may also access the PDF document, TCH-Enrollment-Instructions, to print and keep for future use.

1. Click on the following link or enter the address directly into your browser: http://proems.enrollware.com/registration/schedule.aspx


2. Scroll down the page to the class in which you want to enroll.


3. Select the date you want to attend the class.

TCH Step 3








4. Click the appropriate button to purchase a textbook or continue enrolling without buying a book.

TCH Step 4










5. Enter the Promo Code from the Skills Check poster that was sent to all employees. The code appears near the top of the poster. This removes the course fee before you finalize the transaction. Enter the rest of your information and click Proceed.

TCH Step 5












6. Confirm information, noting that price is either $0 or just the cost of textbook. Click Confirm Order if you did not purchase a textbook, or Proceed to PayPal if you did order a book.

TCH Step 6










7. After Confirming Order in step 6, or completing payment information in PayPal, you will receive a receipt similar to the one below.

TCH Step 7 (1)