About Us

Professionals committed to training for the future.

Pro EMS Center for MEDICS (CFM) is a premier training center located outside of Boston dedicated to providing sophisticated, experience-based training and education for healthcare and First Responder professionals.

Since its founding in 2008, Center for MEDICS has evolved from the training branch within its parent company Professional Ambulance Services (Pro EMS) into an educational center serving a widespread community of individuals and organizations committed to exceptional patient care. We emphasize comprehensive didactics, immersive training, and educational strategies that guide adult learners to achieve success.

The acronym within our organization’s name identifies its integral functional areas of Medical Education, Development, and Innovation, and Clinical Simulation. At CFM, our motto is sapere aude or “dare to know”.  The motto evokes the courage required to seek the responsibility of knowledge and a commitment to apply it in the service of others.

CFM leverages the diverse expertise of its faculty of industry professionals including paramedics, physicians, and other clinician educators with extensive prior and active experience in private EMS, acute hospital care, flight medicine, critical care, military, and fire department organizations.

Our facility includes state-of-the-art technology and industry-standard equipment employed extensively in small group sessions, hands-on skills labs, virtual classrooms, and high-fidelity simulation.

In addition to offering a 9-month intensive paramedic program,  CFM serves as an American Heart Association (AHA) approved training site and offers an array of certification courses.