Paramedic Program

Paramedics are needed now more than ever.

Start Date

Class Days

Enrollment Status

Class 26

January 5, 2022


Class 27

May 2, 2022


Class 28

September 6, 2022

First 21 Weeks:
Tuesday/Friday 0800-1730

Remaining 16 Weeks:
Wednesday 0800-1230 and
Approx. 25 hrs additional clinical/field time per week


Ready to apply or want to learn more about the application process? Check out our Admissions  page.

Well-trained paramedics are in demand. The EMS career field is growing at a rate 11% faster than average according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Whether you are just beginning your career, seeking to advance your skill set and opportunities within your organization, or envision paramedic training as an important stage en route to further advanced clinical roles, we can set you up for success.

Over an intensive 9-month period, our students gain the skills, knowledge, and foundational experiences needed to become professional paramedics. We employ a systematic and comprehensive approach to material through a diverse array of educational modalities and settings.

Our 9-month program will have new classes start every January, May, and September.